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What Do You Mean I Have to Be Honest in Recovery?

What Do You Mean I Have to Be Honest in Recovery?

Jun 26, 2018 | QA, Recovery

People that have an addiction and have crossed over into recovery will need to reconcile oneself with an abundance of changes. To become fully vested into recovery, honesty is one of the most important aspects to strive for. Without honesty, the capacity for the addiction to return increases. If you lie in one area, you are more likely to start fibbing in other areas as well and then the ball gets rolling with complete dishonesty especially with someone that has an addiction.

In order to keep up the muse of being okay when someone is actually in a full-blown addiction, this takes a ton of covering up and fabrication. Most people that have a substance abuse disorder will do anything include lie, cheat, and steal to get what they need to continue with getting drunk or loaded. These addictive behaviors can become second nature to someone that is trying to get their fix with drugs and alcohol.

Part of recovery is trying to change the very things that go on during the addiction. There are people that have an addiction that do not do the stereotypical behavior that is associated with someone that is under the influence. The double dealing that they do, is to make everyone think that they are just fine on the outside when they are really dying on the inside. Even though they try to make everything seem “normal”, eventually this cover up will come out in other ways whether it be in attitude or risky behaviors.

In recovery, just being cash register honest is not enough. An individual that wants to stay sober should peel back the layers of their feelings to get to the root of their pain, so they can finally move on. Some people may have had a wonderful childhood, but interestingly enough feel uncomfortable in their own skin and begin to drink or use to gain liquid courage or a way to escape their truth. There are others that have had a hard life and are unfamiliar with how to walk through their circumstances by being honest.

Learning what recovery is all about and being able to express how deception and self-destruction played a part in a person’s addiction can create the breakthrough that they need to stay sober and prevent relapse. Telling someone else their reality and becoming completely honest with themselves will allow accuracy to prevail in their recovery.

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