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What Do I Do When I Feel Burnt Out in Recovery?

Mar 22, 2018 | QA, Recovery

There is so much that goes into recovery. Getting sober, detoxing, learning to live without drugs and alcohol, finding a sponsor, going to meetings, cleaning up old messes, and the list goes on and on. You might find yourself burnt out and asking yourself, “Why did I get sober in the first place?” No need to fret. In every walk of life people are continuously questioning their motives, especially when they are difficult journeys to endure like recovery. The main thing is to not to concede on all the work that you have done to get you to the exact point you are now. Starting over is no fun and finding a solution to combat your burnt-out feelings will help you in the long-run better than just giving up.

Ask yourself why

Looking at what you are currently doing and why you are feeling worn down from something that is supposed to make you feel better is something to consider. Sometimes the people that you did not chose to be around can in recovery can make you feel somewhat resentful. Hearing the same shares or anticipating people that are not in solution, can start to make you grow weary. Find out the root of your problem and then try to make the necessary changes that will make you become better-equipped in your sobriety.

Find something to suit your recovery needs

If it is essential to get a new sponsor, or a new meeting, or even some new friends, do not be afraid to change things up if you need to. Your recovery should be the most important factor in your life. Sometimes you can outgrow sponsors, meetings, and friends and become stagnant in your program. If this is the case, putting your recovery first is a great reason to make sure that your recovery needs are being met.

Trust the process

Sometimes in recovery people just do not want to do the deal that will keep them sober. They will fight every facet of recovery because they do not think recovery applies to them. If this is happening to you, trust the process of recovery. No one wants to do recovery stuff at first, but once the gifts of sobriety start to show up, it makes it worthwhile. The point is to not give up until you attain some of the attributes that come with being in recovery.

Getting burnt out is normal and if you can embrace what is going on, you can get out of that mid-set before you run out of steam. Keep going – you will appreciate that you did.

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