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What Do I Do When I am Traveling, and I am Unable to Find a Meeting?

What Do I Do When I am Traveling, and I am Unable to Find a Meeting?

May 24, 2018 | QA, Recovery

12-Step meetings can be hard to find in more remote or rural cities. You may feel out of sorts if you must change your routine for recovery especially if you are used to going to a meeting every day. When you are out of town it can be frustrating to find a meeting that is close by to your temporary location. Although you may have stayed in a recovery vacuum up until this point, as your rehabilitated life begins to unfold you will most likely begin to add more life experiences into the mix the longer you stay sober such as travelling. Instead of freaking out, this is a great time to put your tools that you have been learning into action to find a meeting.

Call the central office

Go online and look for the website for the 12-Step program you wish to attend. You can search for where the closest central office is for that area. They may be able to get someone to come pick you up for what is known as a 12-Step call depending on the distance. Two members will be happy to be of service if your location is close enough.

Find an online meeting

There are a few online meetings that are available to link to. It is as easy as signing up and logging into what fellowship that you are affiliated with. You can be as anonymous as you wish meaning you can turn on your camera if you want or share during the duration of the meeting with other live members.

Listen to Speaker Recordings

A library of 12-Step speaker albums is accessible by downloading them from various websites that you can listen to. All you really need is some solution in your current situation and these speakers have a great message of recovery to give you hope that you can stay sober too.

Call Someone

Have a list a people ready to call if you begin to feel uncomfortable in your present situation. Your sponsor, your recovery friends, or anyone that is in recovery will be happy to talk you through your weak moments. They most likely have been in your shoes and are happy to remind you why you got sober in the first place and what would happen if you were to pick up where you left off in your addiction.

The purpose of having a recovery toolkit at your fingertips is to use it whenever you are feeling afflicted or close to a relapse. Getting out of your comfort zone can make you feel like you are not able to make it in recovery. Do not give in. Your best bet is to pick up that toolkit and use it to stay connected. You will be glad you did.

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