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What Commitments Can I Take in a 12-Step Program?

Jan 22, 2018 | QA, Treatment

Helping others is what makes the world go round. When you put your hand out to somebody in need it builds stronger communities. Since giving to others is so beneficial for everyone involved, it is no wonder why service is one of the principles of a 12-Step program.

Getting plugged into a 12-Step program takes some effort on an addict’s part. Working the program entails many different forms of accountability. A few of these 12-Step program suggestions that are intended to help members stay sober include getting a sponsor, working the steps, go to meetings, and be of service.

Service can come in many different forms such as sponsorship, showing up to meetings, calling other addicts, and getting service commitments. The point of commitments is to teach you how to suit up and show up for your sobriety and be there for others.

Be a secretary of a meeting.



Your duties will include starting the meeting on time and making sure the meeting runs on track. One of the most important tasks is greeting the newcomers so that everyone in the meeting can make them feel comfortable so they will come back.


Make the coffee for the meeting.


Coffee is literally one of the most important perks of attending a meeting. Since the late 1930’s coffee has been a mainstay that has been continuously included.


Setup or clean up a meeting.


Some meetings take place in a church or a rented conference room. The meeting must get setup and then it is imperative to get cleaned up to return the room exactly the way it was. Many 12-Step groups have clubs to have accommodate multiple meetings. With so much traffic throughout the day, setup and cleanup must be done by the members for upkeep.

Bring the literature.



Literature is a very important part of 12-Step programs. Pamphlets, books, fellowship flyers, and meeting schedules make up the majority of the literature section. Sometimes the only way a sobriety solution can be presented to some addicts is through reading material.


Answer the phones after hours for your local central or service office.


You forward the office phone line to your cell phone to be available to answer any phone calls that come through. People that are trying to find meetings or need help getting sober when the office is closed will call in and you get to assist them with their needs.

Depending on the commitment guidelines, you will have to check to see if there are any sobriety requirements. Some commitments can be taken right away, while others have a stipulation of being sober 6 months or up to a couple of years. There are a variety of commitments to volunteer for that will probably help you just as much while keeping your sobriety date the same – no matter how much time you have.

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