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What are the Twelve Steps for Christians?

What are the Twelve Steps for Christians?

May 17, 2018 | 12 Step Meeting, QA

The great thing about 12-Step programs is that there have been different types of groups that have been started to cater to different types of people that are addicted to a variety of substances and behaviors. These specific 12-Step programs work well to bring people that are like-minded together for the sole purpose of unity and help them to conquer codependency, overeating, gambling, alcohol addiction, or narcotic addiction.

The very first 12-Step program was Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) and since their conception in 1935, other groups have adopted the 12 Steps to accommodate their own addictions and dysfunctional behaviors. Members of differently formed groups that have adapted the 12 Steps in their own terminology can give members a chance of freedom and happiness in their group specific program. One basis of a 12-Step program is the conception of a Higher Power which can be a point of contention for many people to conform to.

A 12-Step program does not typically associate with any religious group and frowns upon mentioning any religious connotations during meetings to keep everyone on the same page for the greater good of the group. Religion can spark heated discussions due to different opinions and struggles that people have experienced that could keep them from getting the help they really need.  

In 1994, a book was written for Christians who do not necessarily have an addiction but were having a hard time being honest with the problems that seemed to keep recurring in their lives because they just did not know how to deal with them. The Twelve Steps for Christians consolidates the traditional 12 Steps with the spiritual truths of the bible to open a bigger understanding of how Christians would be able to deal with their issues. One thing that already is certain is that this group has a precise name for their Higher Power in Jesus Christ.

This book gives clear-cut instructions on how to begin meetings with the Twelve Steps for Christians. Along with reading a book, there is also a workbook that goes parallel with the book. A format for each meeting is included in the workbook with a contract that is meant to keep every member of the group accountable for their participation.  

To stay sober, it is important to find the niche that each person is seeking in a society that is befitting for their imminent change with any undesirable conduct that they are struggling with. All that is really needed to start a 12-Step meeting is two people, a pot of coffee, and a desire to change.  

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