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What are the Most Common Addiction Replacements?

When an addict gets help with one addiction, it can be an ordinary scenario that they will replace that addiction with another one. The addiction does not necessarily have to do with the substance, but more with a void that needs to be filled within the addict who is not willing to look at the real underlying issue. The consequences can become too high for someone who abuses drugs and alcohol making them sober, but making them move into another addiction that can take the focus off of what is really the problem.

There may be a couple of reasons that a person moves from addiction to addiction. An addict who is in rehab might have come out of their treatment program too soon before they figured out the source of their strife. They also may realize that what they are really addicted to is relieving the pressure they feel. Moving to another addiction to try and achieve the relief they get from doing the behavior, may seem like a logical solution to them. The emotional response they feel creates the euphoria, the rush and the comfort that they are associating the addictive behavior with.

Nicotine Addiction

It is not abnormal to see people who are trying to get sober begin to smoke. Many people in 12-Step programs smoke because it is not mind-altering, and it is legal for those over age of 18. Smoking is an easy habit to form once out of the realm of drugs and alcohol.

Exercise Addiction

Once an addict gets sober, they may feel like they need lose weight or get healthy, so they turn to exercising. Someone with an addiction is constantly chasing a high. Endorphins can be produced while exercising, which can be a high making an addict do it in excess.

Work Addiction

There are few things that make a work addiction easy to spiral out of control. People like making money, like being successful, and like having power over others. The control they feel accomplishing all these things, may encourage them put in the extra hours that may give them a leg up.

Food Addiction

Addicts might move into food addiction because it is something that needs to be done on a daily basis to keep them alive and it is readily available. People can also get a food buzz by eating lots of sugar or carbohydrates as comfort food.

Changing addictions is a common practice among addicts to try and escape from their reality. Being in recovery can be instrumental in making an addict feel sufficient in working a program to get through the issues that made them struggle in their addiction in the first place.

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