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What Are The Best Alternative Healing Methods for Addiction Recovery?

Sep 21, 2017 | QA, Treatment

Addiction can bring about a whole multitude of health problems. Using nontraditional therapies for recovery from addiction has been proven to be beneficial for the person in treatment. Effectiveness of these treatments have been a motivator for some to complete their program purely based on their fulfillment of these practices. The process of alternative healing methods addresses the entire person in mind, body, and spirit instead of just working on the behavioral side of addiction.


Touch is one of the five senses that signals the brain. Massage can be instrumental in treating the mind holistically. Physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits can show patients how to trust again through therapeutic massage. Massage also increases dopamine and serotonin levels which decreases stress hormones and lowers high blood pressure and heart rate. Detox symptoms can be significantly reduced by massage efforts.

Equine Therapy

Therapy through the interaction of horses and patients promotes emotional growth. Equine assisted therapy is accompanied by an equine specialist along with a licensed therapist. The synergy from the horse can directly relate with how the addict view’s themselves and how they view others. Deep seeded issues tend to be brought about by the relationship with their horse conveying new behaviors and thoughts.

Mindfulness Therapy

When addicts are practicing their addiction, most likely they are using their addiction to forget about how they are feeling or soothe themselves from excruciating past experiences. Anesthetization disconnects an addict from their body. Mindfulness therapy can be useful in creating awareness instead of operating like a robot through the life of addiction.


Detox symptoms and cravings can be reduced through the procedure of acupuncture. One form of acupuncture, called ear buds, takes thin needles and inserts them into a person’s ear to target 5 specific areas to to promote relaxation. Ear buds can have a positive effect, as do other acupuncture methods, to regulate emotions and decrease anxiety.


Reiki is a Japanese technique that can bolster healing in addiction by easement and stress alleviation. The idea is to treat the entire body by the laying of hands or hovering of hands to bring out an unseen life energy that causes individuals to feel alive. Reiki helps with detox symptoms as well as releasing feelings of rejuvenation and reducing stress in a person’s life.


Essential oils can be used to treat specific ailments by inhalation or applying oils to the skin. Since the oils are obtained from natural plant sources, they promote calmness, emotional well-being, and balance. Aromatherapy has been favorable in triggering positive awareness through fragrant sensations.  

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