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What are Some Reasons to Get Sober for Easter?

Apr 20, 2018 | QA, Sobriety

Easter is a fun part of spring when kids, and adults, get excited to see what the Easter bunny has brought them and race for eggs during an annual Easter egg hunt. Winter is coming to an end, summer is on the horizon, and in between spring surfaces bringing about new animals, chirping birds, blooming flowers, and depending where you live, lots of sunshine! This usually makes for a cheerful disposition for many, and honestly, a great time of year to get into recovery once and for all.

Time of year for revival

The egg is representative of Easter, however, in many cultures the egg is also symbolic of birth, fertility, and rebirth which is a great analogy to recovery. When someone gets clean and sober, they can transform into a new person in sobriety. The out of control person that emerged when they were under the influence, gets tamed when they get help for their addiction. The first day of your sobriety can depict the rebirth of your attempt to try and have the life you desire to live.

Time for spring cleaning

Spring is known for cleaning out the things that you have collected during winter hibernation. Recovery is just that – decluttering, taking out the trash, letting go of – all to replace old behaviors with new ones. You may be tidying around your house to spring clean, but make sure to hit the closets where the skeletons are hidden for a chance in recovery.

Time for a inspiration

Just like a little kid opening a plastic Easter egg to see what is inside of it, getting into treatment, going to meetings, or asking for help can give you the revelation that you have been lacking for on why you need to get sober. Although sobriety may not be the surprise that you were looking for in an egg, what you may find inside of recovery can give you the motivation to keep doing what you need to stay sober.

Time to get active

Easter is a marking point of the year where people get outside again and start exercising or doing hobbies that are not as easily to do during the colder months. Follow suit and start doing the things that will insure long-term sobriety like connecting to a Higher Power, journaling, going to meetings, and being of service.

There are tons of reasons to get sober, and some of them do revolve around Easter. While every day is a good day to get sober, getting sober for Easter is an “eggsellent” choice that is sure to make everyone “hoppy”.

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