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What Are Some Important Coping Skills to Have in Recovery?

Mar 9, 2018 | QA, Recovery

In recovery, one of the most important things to accomplish is to change everything. That probably seems like a pretty tall order to take on by altering all the circumstances in your life. To remain sober, it is crucial to modify the things that can create triggers and cravings to prevent relapsing from drugs and alcohol from occurring. Having some tools and coping skills to rely on in a pinch, can help alleviate fear when it crops up.

Identify pressure points

Determine what makes you tick by considering what your triggers and craving are. You may need the help of others to help you to spot them. If you can figure out what precarious people, places, and things that will make you continue to go down the path of addiction, you can make the necessary changes that will make your recovery more successful.

Relax pressure points

Take stress and anxiety out of your life by using the recovery tools that help you to relax. Connecting with a Higher Power will take some of the tension off you while you are trying to get settled in your recovery. Meditation, yoga, and other forms of holistic therapies can lift you up to focus on the aspects of recovery that will help you to stay sober for a long while.

Avoid pressure points

You will have to change the points of interest that you have been associating yourself in during your addiction. Starting fresh and averting people, places, and things that are a reminder of drugs and alcohol, will help tremendously in trying to maintain your sobriety.

Eliminate pressure points

To better yourself in recovery, it is imperative to dispose of the people, places, and things that may cause you to relapse in your sobriety. Reaching out to people that are in recovery is the safest place to strive for. Being around others that you relate to can take some of the stressors related to sobriety off your mind.

Creating a new environment in sobriety can help you to build your recovery one day at a time. Taking out the risk factors that make you think about or want to use drugs and alcohol have to be eradicated immediately. Learning to live a life without drugs or alcohol can help you move forward in the life you want to live in recovery to be happy, joyous, and more importantly, free.

Serenity Oaks Wellness Center can aid someone struggling with drugs and alcohol to construct a plan of action for executing coping skills in recovery. Our staff is here to help you to adorn your soul in sobriety.

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