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What are Some Holiday Stressors that Lead to Relapse?

Dec 5, 2017 | Mental Health, QA

The holiday season can be considered a stressful time for many people even though it known for thankfulness, yuletide cheer, and new beginnings. Although the festivities are alluring, there are stressors that can become prevalent during this time. There is a hustle and bustle that arises amongst this season that can cause people to have more anxiety. A dismal sentimentalism may pop up specifically for the holidays due to the possible estrangement that can occur from addiction or remembering loved ones that have passed on and are no longer able to celebrate the special traditions that have been practiced for generations. There are a few sub-type stressors that can lead to relapse if an addict is not careful with their sobriety.




Nostalgia can become a risk factor for relapse. Remembering holidays past can bring about feelings of grief, anxiety, or depression that can be a direct result of the things that an addict has done previously. Having memories and being alone can be a disastrous combination for someone that is trying to stay sober.




The holiday season is synonymous with spending money. Between the gift giving, traveling, and dinners with friends and family, financial insecurity can take a toll on an addict’s stress level. Try not to overbook too many activities especially when the financial means are lacking. An addict should do what they can to put their sobriety first and not worry about buying extravagant gifts because ultimately the best gift an addict can give a loved one is a front row seat to their recovery.




Visiting with friends and family during holiday events can be a game changer in recovery. Resentments may open up an unnecessary can of worms during get-togethers which can cause conflict during a special time of the year. Being uncomfortable can make addicts feel like a drink will solve their problems, although staying sober is a better alternative that may actually help resolve some of the issues that have come about.




The holiday season is full of celebrations that seem to occur on many different nights of the week for several months. Trying to be everywhere with everyone can spoil the fun that is supposed to happen by being spread too thin. Pick the most important shindigs and attend those first and foremost. No need to overbook because there will be plenty of other holidays and parties that you can make up your time with.

Taking the time to look at stressors that can cause relapse is important. Sobriety is a big deal and is an even bigger deal to get through every holiday sober – one day at a time.

Serenity Oaks Wellness Center is here to help addicts and alcoholics to prepare themselves for the triggers that life can present. Our 5-week program can be useful in giving you tools that are beneficial in staying sober throughout the holidays.

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