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What are Marathon Meetings?

Jan 19, 2018 | QA, Treatment

People that have not been to a 12-Step meeting may have a different perception of what really goes on there. The stigma of homeless people drinking out of brown bags and using drugs usually comes to people’s minds that are unsure of what happens during these meetings. People are generally surprised when they come to their first meeting because they are unaware of the laughter and unity that forms in the duration of an hour.

Addicts attend meetings to be connected to the people that are similar in their paths of addiction. Sitting in a meeting listening to people share about what it was like and what it is like now can help people relate to situations that they probably would not hear at work, church, or school. Being amongst people that have done comparable things which might seem shameful to people other than addicts, builds a community of people that can heal together by sharing their experiences.

To explain what happens in a meeting can be difficult to articulate. There is a saying of “I was always the black sheep until I went to a meeting and found the rest of my flock”. Meetings should contain no judgement or condemnation, but instead extend a safe place to fall when life gets too unmanageable.

Holidays can pose anxiety and stress for addicts trying to find their way in the already chaotic events with family. Sometimes an addict needs to leave a tense environment and get to a meeting to regenerate their attitude. For this reason, 12-Step programs will offer around the clock meetings called “marathon meetings”. They are typically only made available around the holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s, but they may be provided for other special occasions as well.

Relapse becomes a reality during these holidays because addicts may not know how to cope with triggers and cravings that arise from being in stressful situations. To help addicts maintain their sobriety, it is better to get to a meeting to hear solution then stay in a setting that reeks of a sobriety setback.

Find out where marathon meetings are located by asking other members of the program, or by calling the local central or service office to get more information. Do not stay somewhere that is uncomfortable during the holidays. Get to a marathon meeting with people that will lift you up in your recovery so you can celebrate being sober.  

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