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What are CRPs?

What are CRPs?

Aug 9, 2018 | QA, Treatment

As the time draws near for your teen to go to the college that they were accepted into in this fall, you may be worried about their first experience being away from home. Since you have already experienced some disappointments with your teenager being caught drinking underage or smoking pot with their friends, you may be nervous about what will happen to them when they no longer have your supervision.

College students often engage in binge drinking and high consumption of marijuana. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), 1.2 million full-time college students drink alcohol each year and over 700,000 use marijuana daily. More than one-third of students who were surveyed about their alcohol use were reported to binge drinking. Although many students graduate unscathed by substance abuse, there are many that leave college much worse than when they got there.

If your teen already has apparent substance abuse problems, you may have a cause to worry about what they will get themselves into in an environment that offers regular fraternity parties, establishments that seemingly accept fake IDs to sell alcohol to underage drinkers, and rampant drug dealers on campus. Even though teens are going to do what they are going to do, you can give them some insight into some of the resources that their university offers.

Some colleges have begun to propose Collegiate Recovery Programs (CRPs) to assist those students who want to stay sober while attending college. These programs are instrumental in helping undergraduates find a place that can help them assess what they are going through with their substance abuse or mental health issues. Programs offer counseling, addiction support meetings, peer support, and sober activities that give students who want to stay sober a bond to sustain their sobriety in a peer pressured atmosphere.

In the last few years, CRPs have begun to sprout up on campuses around the country. In fact, in the last five years the number of CRPs have increased from 35 to over 150. Around 50 of these programs also offer sober living in residence halls to help students cope with the pressures surrounding alcohol and drugs.

Students are able to learn how to navigate their sobriety much easier with the resources that CRPs present. The undergrads are not typically abstinence friendly and with collegiate recovery programs, sobriety can be possible while getting a higher education.

If you or someone you know is struggling with drug or alcohol abuse, Serenity Oaks Wellness Center can assist you in getting sober. Our well-trained staff can be instrumental in showing you how to adorn your soul in recovery.

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