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What Are Common Excuses for Not Going to Treatment?

Oct 31, 2017 | QA, Treatment

There are two types of addicts – those who want help and those who do not. Trying to get addicts into treatment may be a struggle, but sometimes after an intervention, they may realize that they are sick and tired of being sick and tired. However the addict finally gets into treatment really relies on their willingness to put all their excuses aside instead of talking themselves out of going to treatment.

“I am not an addict.”

Many addicts have not yet gotten to the place of accepting that they have serious troubles. Denial is common because who really wants to admit that they have a problem? The addict may not be ready for the change that will have to take place to stay sober.

“My family needs me.”

The dysfunction that an addict puts on their family may not be recognized by the addict. They may truly believe they have the best interest at heart for their spouse and their children. In reality, the effect of the addiction may cause the family a ton of distress. If the addict does not take care of themselves first and foremost, then they are unable to take care of anyone else. The addict risks the chance of losing their family because the family may have had enough and be done.

“I cannot afford it.”

There are rehabs for every addict that wants treatment even if they think they are not equipped to pay for it. Look for rehabs that offer payment plans, offer scholarships, or that may be free of charge. An addict seemly always can afford their vice, so there should be no excuse for not being able to come up with the financial means to go to rehab.

“I will lose my job.”

If the addiction has gotten so bad that treatment is necessary, then the job is probably already suffering. Although addicts would like to think they are getting away with their addiction, most likely everyone around them knows exactly what is going on, including their job.

“I’m scared.”

Withdrawals, accountability, and vast change are relevant fears for an addict that needs to be in rehab.
Change is scary, but change may be the missing element to staying sober. The real fear may come from addicts who are afraid of their world changing into something that is different than what they are accustomed to.

“It didn’t work when I went before.”

This is another excuse that really has to do with the addict rather than the treatment. A full-fledged addiction will continue to reign until the addict surrenders. Try a different approach to treatment and do the deal. Instead of being a statistic of failure, try being a statistic of success.

Now is the time to reverse those excuses that may keep an addict from getting the help they may desperately need. Do not try to be good at excuses, but rather put that effort into succumbing to the addiction.

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