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Ways to Regain Your Momentum in Recovery

Feb 23, 2018 | Recovery, Sobriety

Many times, your recovery can come to a crossroads that keeps you unsure of what your true purpose is. Life still happens when you get sober, and you may experience grief, disappointment, heartache, detachment, or defiance during the circumstances that occur. These emotions can play tricks on your mind to create triggers and cravings that can be difficult to combat. Trying to stay on track in recovery will help you to regain your momentum in otherwise challenging situations.

Jump into action

Nothing will happen if you are not moving toward solution for better results in your sobriety. There are a variety of different tools that can assist in many different conditions to get you through the sometimes-rough patches. If you practice using them in everyday cases, you will be ready to use the necessary action that you need at the paramount time.

Stay spiritually connected

Having your faith in a Higher Power can take some of the pressure off you when you are feeling weak and under duress. Keeping conscious contact with a greater spiritual being, will make you feel better and give you a sense of peace. The spiritual connection is sometimes the first thing out the window because people question why bad things happen to good people. Being in acceptance must be in place during the good and the bad times to see what is really happening.

Help others

When you are helping someone else in need, you are giving yourself a reason to be grateful. There is always someone that is having a worse time in life, and you can use their negative status as a way of measuring the great things that are taking place in yours. This may seem selfish on your part, but learning how to be thankful for what you have in any capacity is actually a positive step in the right direction. Putting your hand out to someone will take your mind off yourself to make room for them.

Do the right thing

If you are being an example for others, then you are going down the path of recovery. Trying to become a better person in sobriety may not seem like the natural choice at first. Keep moving forward with your right action to feel better about the positive decisions that you are implementing into your daily routine.

Once you start achieving a more tranquil and fulfilling life in sobriety, just keep going. If you turn back now, you can completely lose your momentum in what you are reaching for with your personal goals in recovery.





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