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Ways to Navigate New Year Celebrations in Recovery

Jan 11, 2018 | Recovery, Sobriety

People really tend to be thankful on New Year celebrations. You get excited to make food to travel to a friend or family member’s house to eat until your pants will not button anymore. That is the epitome of how New Year celebrations are thought of. The dreaded part of New Year celebrations for some is the interaction that takes place within a family or with friends who are not sober. Those in recovery may have caused major turmoil during the time they were out there and the family may still have trust issues. Whatever the case may be, you can use this New Year celebrations to be a good example of your recovery.


No matter what.


Uphold the mantra of “no matter what”. This means that no matter what, you do not pick up any mind-altering substances no matter what anyone else says or does. Just because Aunt Edna pokes at you for your past transgressions you stay away from substance abuse – no matter what. When your older brother makes jokes because of your past behavior you do not drink or take drugs – no matter what.


Strategize a plan.


When uncomfortable feelings arise from others drinking or due to family shenanigans, devise an exit course of action that does not include you screaming at anyone and slamming the door. Instead, your exit should be full of grace and dignity.

Get together a few people to call in a pinch and let them know you will call if things get tough. That way they can reach out to you also since support is a two-way street.


Get mentally and spiritually fit.


Use prayer and meditation to help clear your mind of any negativity. Go to a 12-Step meeting or call your sponsor beforehand to get rid of the adverse thoughts and feelings that you want to keep away from the New Year celebrations. Be ready to dismiss any unfavorable conduct from others by focusing on your own positive behavior.


Use the holiday for what it is intended for.


Be grateful! You are sober and should be really proud of all that you are doing to keep it that way. Be thankful for the things that sobriety has given you and the things that may have been spared in your addiction. Write a gratitude list before you go to get you in the spirit of New Year celebrations. Thank the host before you leave to keep you in the same spirit of New Year celebrations to pass onto to others.

Take New Year celebrations one person at a time, or one bite at a time. Not only will you be full of turkey, but you will be full of gratitude for a New Year celebrations well spent.

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