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Ways to Jump Back from a Relapse

Ways to Jump Back from a Relapse

Aug 16, 2018 | Drug Addiction, Recovery

When someone who trying to stay sober finds themselves relapsing yet again, commonly they feel like they will never figure out the secret to success in recovery. If you are reading this and have had a relapse, you must already be into solution with trying something to better yourself in recovery. Keep moving forward with your sobriety and know that it takes a big person to surrender to your addiction.

There are actions you can take that will help you jump back from your relapse. As with most things that are used to improve your quality of life, if there is no pain there is no gain. This is also true with a program of recovery. Facing the aspects that made you drink and use can be incredibly painful without having the crutch of drugs and alcohol to make you feel better.

Accept what happened

Relapsing is not easy on anyone, but it is honestly not the end of world unless you have not stopped drinking or using already. If you have stopped the insanity of taking the first hit or drink, your best bet is to accept the relapse, learn from your mistakes, and move on in your recovery. If you cannot get sober, you are putting yourself in risk of jails, institutions, or death.    

Figure out what will be different

Relapsing should clue you in on what you were doing before which was not working. You will have to change up some aspects of your program to give you a better shot at staying sober this time. Making bigger efforts to become honest in therapy, working the steps with a sponsor, and participating in meetings can be some of the things to ponder to make improvements in.

Be of service

Even if you only have one day, there is always something that you can do to be of service to someone else at any given time. By putting your hand out to someone in need, you will be able to stop thinking about your problems and be of assistance to someone else. You will feel better knowing that you have become selfless in your recovery for the better good of staying sober.

Relapse can make you feel worthless if you let it. The truth of the matter is if you have stayed sober in this twenty-four-hour period, you are benefiting from your recovery right now. You may not feel the effects of recovery at this very point, but you will if you continue to keep putting more twenty-four-hour periods together. You got this.

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