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Ways to Disentangle from Negative Relationships in Recovery

Mar 6, 2018 | Recovery, Relationships

Relationships in general are hard to maintain. Whether it is healthy or toxic, learning to exist with others can be a task in trying to find your place.   


Get to know yourself better


How do you know what you are like in a relationship if you do not really know who you are? During your addiction you probably accepted negative characteristics from the family, friends, and romantic partners, because your self-esteem was low. In recovery, you get a chance to change everything and that includes how you let others treat you.


Take charge of who you surround yourself with


Knowing what is best for you comes from working through your issues to learn your value and make better decisions on who you will let exist in your recovery bubble. People that are toxic, constantly tearing you down, and are unsupportive, should be removed from your existence when they continue to rain on your recovery parade.


Set healthy boundaries


Let the people know exactly where you are coming from in your recovery. You can stick up for yourself in a loving and tolerant manner. No one can stick up for you like you can, because no one knows your true feelings like you do. Set healthy boundaries to show others the strength you have mustered due to your sobriety.


Everyone is equal


When it comes to negative relationships, it does not matter whether it is a blood relative, or someone that is just friend. Anyone that is mistreating you in any capacity should be viewed as a threat. We are taught that blood is thicker than water, but if a relative is unsupportive, then maybe it is time to pull back from them until the relationship changes for the better.


Retreat from the relationship


There may come a time that a person that you are close to shows you that you can no longer be in their presence. You may have to part ways completely with someone that poses a danger to your recovery. Letting someone walk all over you can create triggers and cravings that can result in a relapse.

You have lived in a negative way long enough during your addiction. It is time to celebrate your recovery and sometimes the only way to do that is by disengaging from negative relationships.

Serenity Oaks Wellness Center can show someone who is struggling with addiction how to disengage in sobriety. Our holistic therapy and 12-Step aspects combined, can show you how to adorn your soul in your recovery.

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