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How Can I Ward Off a Toxic Family Member?

Jan 10, 2018 | QA, Relationships

Having people around that are toxic is not good for quality of life. Friends that push buttons and are calculating can be easier to let go off once they cross the line of being unsupportive because they are just friends. What happens when it is your family? Do you just let go of somebody that is related to you? This kind of situation is not easy to go through or figure out with what should be done. Your relationships with your immediate family, spouse, and in-laws are way more complex to just walk away from. There are ties with these relationships that are hard to severe.

Some members of your family can be overbearing and condescending to cause you to feel less than. You should be proactive in how you handle these relationships by taking care of how you move forward.

Set healthy boundaries.

Putting boundaries into place for your own sanity is crucial. Boundaries should be formable to continue connections with the people in your life. When those boundaries are broken, then it is okay to keep your distance from family members that break them.

Learn to be assertive.

You are allowed to stick up for yourself. If you can keep your vitality constructive to have your voice heard, you will have a better chance of getting your point across. If you are full of disdain and talking down to your family member, your assertiveness will be a moot point.

Protect yourself.

If you do not protect yourself, nobody else will. Make sure you are safeguarding yourself against any adverse situations. Take the safe road and get out of any situation that will compromise your vulnerability.  

Limit your time.

Being family does not mean that you are required to spend a prolonged amount of time with them, especially if the time you are spending is full of negativity. Figure out what you need to do and put limitations on your time. This will give you a strategy to get in and get out.

When someone you love is hurting you, it is important to distance yourself from them to gain back the serenity and integrity that may have been lost in the emotional balance of the relationship. Part of this process is to revamp your self-esteem to help you to be happier and healthier. Using these guidelines can motivate you to be the bigger person while be a good example for others.

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