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Types of Guilt that Affect Recovery

Jan 9, 2018 | Mental Health, Recovery

 Battling feelings of guilt are quite common in recovery. You may feel the guilty effects of turbulent times in addiction once you get sober. An addiction may have kept you numb to the feelings that may have normally brought somebody guilt. Identifying what the different types of guilt are, can keep guilt from affecting you in your recovery.

Essential guilt

When you feel like you have wronged somebody, not made a good choice, or fallen short of the standards you live by this guilt is usually triggered. Guilt is synonymous with failure because living in a manner that leads to breaking constraints of behavior, can make you feel indecent.


Parental guilt

Children are caught in the crossfire of addiction in many instances. Once an addict gets sober, there can be remorse for abandoning kids, driving them around, or abusing them under the influence. This type of guilt can be instrumental in being a good motivating factor for you to stay sober and making better parenting decisions.

Self-made guilt

Being a perfectionist, appointing impossible expectations, or creating inadvertent deadlines can cause this type of guilt. These examples come from trying to impress others one way or another. Not living up to intentions that come with these self-imposed tasks, can create a guilt for the reasons of why you may have not been able to execute them up to par.

Hindsight guilt

Looking back on the negative impact that may have been caused by your actions is sometimes a hard pill to swallow. Knowing that you cannot take back what you have done and seeing that you pushed harm into the universe may be the silver lining to get you to change your unrighteous behavior.

One of the best ways of getting rid of guilt is by admitting that you have done the things that you have felt guilty for. In some instances, the guilt may be wasted energy that is not necessary to transmit. The fact that you are feeling guilt is a great sign because it means you have feelings that can transform you into taking better actions in your life going forward.

The old saying of “a guilty conscious needs no accuser”, can show you how hard you may be on yourself and be all the evidence you need to make adjustments. Taking prominent action to change the feelings of guilt can get you closer to having a clear conscious and help your recovery.  

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