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Tips to Grieve in Recovery

Apr 24, 2018 | Recovery, Treatment

Dying is a fact of life that we unfortunately must deal with. When someone dies we may intuitively think that we cannot get through losing them without picking up a drug or drink during this time. Without processing how death will affect us, this could be a lurking reservation that might creep up on us when we are mourning. By staying sober, we are can get through having to say goodbye to the ones that we love much easier.

Keep our wits about us

There is no reason to get in fights about wills, estates, or funeral services with our loved ones. The priority should be to honor the deceased in the way that they would like to be versus getting into a disagreement on what we think that they want. If there are no last wishes for the gravesite or memorial service, just go with the flow. If others want to argue about the details we cannot stop them, but we can observe the departed with the respect they deserve.

Reach out to others

We do not have to go through painful times alone. Calling a few signature friends or family members to let them know what is going on with us can help us to process the anguish that we are feeling. Letting loved ones comfort us during a difficult time can help us to accept death of someone that we were close to.

Make use of our recovery tools

We must use our recovery tools for everything if we want to stay sober, and grieving is no different. Death is agonizing for many and can cause them to relapse in their grief. Make our loved ones proud by trudging the road of recovery. We will be able to feel them smiling down on our shining example of recovery.  

Keep their memory alive

By doing what we can to honor them, we can remember them from a better time like when they were in their healthy heyday. Put together a scrapbook or a digital memory book, name a star after them, or on a much bigger scale, start a foundation in all their glory. Especially if they had a specific illness that could help a worthy cause.

Losing loved ones is difficult to process. Our remembrance of them is up to us. If we use or drink over the death of a someone, the less likely we are to remember them at all.

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