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Tips to Get Rid of FOMO in Recovery

Jan 8, 2018 | Drug Addiction, Recovery

In this day and age, technology has completely taken over. Social media, apps, and texting have changed the way we communicate. Acronyms are used frequently to replace dialogue that may be a pain for some to type out. “FOMO” is something that you might see when it comes to fun and entertainment. “Fear of Missing Out” is commonly used when someone is constantly going to every event they can to avoid being left behind or left out.

In recovery, it is recommended to stop going to places that cause triggers and cravings as a precaution of relapse. FOMO happens often during sobriety because addicts can feel limited on the activities that they can actually participate in. Thinking that the fun is over now that they are sober is a total misconception. Life can be as just entertaining in recovery and there is no real reason to feel repressed.

Stop looking at social media.

If people’s posts are causing you strife when you see what they are up to, power off. You do not have to stop viewing people’s information forever, just maybe until the feeling of FOMO lessens and you can just be happy for their adventures.

Question what you are really missing out on.

Going to parties and bars may have been your gig while you were out there inebriated. You most likely woke up with hangovers and in strange places or in jail. Accidents, fights, and embarrassments probably happened regularly, which is not really that fun. Change the old acronym and step it up to a new and improved palindrome acronym of FOMOF: “Find Other Methods of Fun”.


The best way to beat FOMO is to Find Other Methods of Fun. Change your scenery to accommodate your new lifestyle and find things that do not involve drugs and alcohol. You may need to change the people also, because sometimes the people can be just as bad of an influence as the place. Change may not seem like any fun, but in the long run you will be happy that did something different to protect your sobriety.

Understanding that you have an addiction that leads you down a rocky path can keep you from thinking you are missing out. This is your chance to do something different with your life so that you can accept that you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

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