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Tips to Disembarrass Your Alcohol Addiction

Jan 29, 2018 | Alcohol Addiction, Recovery

Most people drink alcohol for the short-lived stimulant effect. Alcohol, however, is considered a depressant and slows a person’s nervous system causing slurred speech and loss of coordination. When somebody overindulges in alcohol, there could be a real chance that they could embarrass themselves when they get drunk or even buzzed by falling, saying the wrong thing, or doing something illegal. Alcohol addiction is no joke and can take someone down rather quickly.

Getting in recovery can give you the chance to disembarrass your alcohol addiction. Disembarrass is one of those funny sounding words that has a profound meaning especially when it comes to addiction. The definition of disembarrass literally means “to be free of” particularly of a nuisance or a burden. That sounds like the perfect word to use when an alcoholic gets sober. Addiction is definitely a nuisance and a burden. More importantly, there are some great tips to disembarrass your alcoholism.

Ask for help

Yes, there are people who can stop drinking on their own for a time, but they have a harder time staying sober than someone who gets help. There are inpatient treatment centers, outpatient treatment centers, and 12-Step program support that can help an alcoholic to maintain sobriety. The point is that you never have to feel the way you are feeling again, and you do not have to do it alone.

Get to a meeting

Being around people that are like you who are also trying to disembarrass their alcoholism is the key. You no longer must feel like an outcast because of your alcoholism. When you get to a meeting, your fellow alcoholics will be there with open arms to welcome you to keep coming back.

Get a Higher Power

Since your addiction has been your Higher Power for a while now. Find something else to replace your alcoholism with. If the word God makes your stomach turn, there are plenty of other things to gravitate towards in discovering what yours is.

Trust the process

Put some faith into trusting the process even if you do not put your faith into anything else. Alcoholics can relapse when they think they have all the answers to stay sober. To truly disembarrass yourself from your alcoholism, you must trust the process.

How wonderful it is to go from a recognized embarrassing situation to learning how to disembarrass from your alcoholism. Let yourself be set free to move on to conquer other things in your recovery. Go on. You are worth it.




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