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Tips to Cope with Your Teen’s Addiction

Tips to Cope with Your Teen’s Addiction?

Jun 21, 2018 | Addiction, Treatment

Commonly people associate addiction with people that are older for a couple of reasons. There is an age requirement for someone to be allowed to legally drink or use or having denial that their young loved ones could take the wrong path into addiction. These are reasons that keep people justifying in their minds that addiction could not happen to them, but the reality is that anyone, including teens, may be susceptible to becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol, even when they least expect it.


  • Centers for the Disease Control and Prevention reported that 60 percent of high school students have been drunk at least one time in their life with 59 percent of high school seniors continuing onto drink 4 to 5 drinks daily.



  • Most teens abuse prescription drugs because they gain access to open medicine cabinets or get them from friends and family with only 33 percent of teens actually having a prescription from the doctor.


Addiction amongst teens is on the rise with alcohol and prescription drugs that seem to become more readily available with each passing year. Parents may be blindsided by the addictive behaviors and may have no idea how to deal with what is going on with their teenagers although there are tips to make this difficult time go much smoother.

You are not alone

You may think your teen has the problem, however, addiction affects everyone in the family.  There are support groups that can help you to know what your role is to better guide the situation. Check out Al Anon or CoDA to equip yourself to become informed to handle your teen and their addiction. Therapists and counselors can also give good insight on what the right approach to each specific addiction may be.   

You must be in solution

Going through these uncomfortable circumstances with a teen who most likely may be disrespecting you will be tough. Remember that you are the adult and keeping your wits about you will help reduce the tension in an already high stress scenario. Fighting and blaming should be avoided because your adolescent is at a crossroads and really needs your support instead of unnecessary backlash.

You can find treatment

Do some research on the best rehabilitation facility for your teen. There are many choices that can accommodate your teen’s particular condition. Call different locations and ask the questions that you need to ask because treatment centers can enlighten you about your teen since they specialize in addiction recovery.

Parents usually want to protect their children at any age. You can make the difference in your teenager’s life by directing them in the right direction while being there for them without judgement.

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