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Tips to Connect to a Higher Power

Oct 17, 2017 | Mental Health, Recovery

Many of us when we get sober have a hard time with the spiritual aspect of recovery. We are told that we must get intune with a Higher Power to stay sober. You may have had a negative experience with church or religion in your past that deters you away from anything having to do with God or any Higher Being. You may be at a point in your life where you will do anything to stay, but that. “That” being, to connect to a Higher Power.

In recovery, therapy and 12-Step programs will point you to find a conception of your Higher Power. That means that there are no rules that you must follow in finding a Higher Power nor are there any wrong choices. Your Higher Power is YOUR Higher Power, and nobody can tell you any differently. Even if you want to be a self-proclaimed atheist, all are welcome.

You will go through many changes in your recovery as you peel back the layers and work the Steps. Recovery gives you an opportunity to grow and your Higher Power will grow, too. Taking it slow and simple will give you a better chance to connect in a way that you never thought was possible.


You may be under the impression that you must be sitting with your legs crossed and humming, but meditation comes in all different forms. Download a meditation app and try a guided meditation for 5 minutes. The point is to free up your mind for a period of time to get some clarity.

Get into nature

Walking in the morning with the birds chirping, visiting the beach or a lake, or admiring a sunset can be a great way to connect to your Higher Power. When you equate to nature it can show you the bigger picture that there is something bigger than you out there.

Go to a 12-Step Meeting

If you go to a meeting and listen to how others connect to a Higher Power, you can get some good insight. 12-Step members had to start somewhere just like you are, and they may be the most relatable for you since we all come from a place of addiction.

Connecting to a Higher Power may seem like some spiritual hooey, but do not knock it until you try it. You will be pleasantly surprised by your spiritual results – whatever your conception turns into.

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