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Tips to Avoid Loneliness

Feb 20, 2018 | Mental Health, Treatment

There are people that a live a life of loneliness even though they may be surrounded by numerous people. You may have a huge family, a host of friends, and co-workers and clients that you interact with on a regular basis. Since loneliness is a feeling, your surroundings may not match the emotions running through your mind. Feelings are not facts. Rather, feelings can be inaccurate and keep you from accepting the reality of what is actually going on around you.

With loneliness, you may tell yourself that nobody likes you and that nobody cares about you. In most cases, that is not a factual statement or emotion even though it may only seem like it. There are ways to express your loneliness, so that you are not holding yourself back from letting others rectify your personal solitude.

Talk to someone

Whether it is a sponsor, therapist, trusted friend, or a pastor, talking out loud to someone about what is swimming around in your brain can start the process of bursting your bubble of loneliness. The issues that may be keeping you isolated, can be something that you can work through with the insight of another person’s mental and spiritual feedback.

Validate your relationships

If you are constantly dodging calls, texts, or email, people will begin to think that you are avoiding them, and they will no longer seek to be rejected by you. Answer your friends and family in a timely manner and you will surely see a huge difference in how they will respond to you.

Do what you say

Make plans with others so that you will get you out of the house more often. When the time comes, keep your plans instead of talking yourself out of them. Being flaky gives your loved ones the perception that you do not care about them and at the same time may give you a guilty conscience that may keep you from avoiding them ongoing.

Do something you love

You may have no idea what you like to do because you have not been in pursuit of your hobbies, desires, or dreams. Get out there and figure out what is pleasurable to you. Doing something you love, can retrain your mind to think about something else besides how lonely are.

Loneliness can be paralyzing for some people. Thinking that you are alone is a negative experience that can hold you back from participating with the people, places, and things that you were meant to enjoy. Let yourself be free from loneliness so you can broaden your horizons.





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