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Tips to Adorn Your Recovery

Oct 13, 2017 | Recovery, Sobriety

Addiction is anything but pretty. By getting into treatment, your life can take on a new meaning of rebirth and transformation by surrendering to the fact that you are not able to use drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism any longer.

One of the ways to better yourself is by starting a new treatment program that can be instrumental in showing you the beauty that your life was meant to have in the first place. The word adorn means “to enhance the appearance of something especially with beautiful objects”. This terminology can tie into recovery in the same way.

Just like anything, you can choose to take things in stride and be positive, or choose to take things in a negative light. By taking a positive approach in recovery, beautiful things begin to adorn your soul. Patience, tolerance, and thankfulness are a few attributes that seem to come through recovery by taking a look at yourself and making some changes to maintain sobriety as your most prized possession.

The process of adorning your soul begins with taking some recovery words and applying them to your recovery. These words that are full of vitality describe each letter of the word adorn to give you the opportunity to work on what you need to, by using the words to get into action.

A: Accountability, Acceptance, Abstinence, Assertiveness, Action, and Absolve

D: Dreams, Determined, Disentangle, Disembarrass, and Direction

O: Opportunity, Open, Obliterate, Onward, and Observed

R: Roots, Reconstructing, Roles, Relationships, Regain, and Restoring

N: Navigate

Putting effort into your recovery can produce the results that may have been missing all along. Your recovery can a wonderful experience if you trust the process and let go of all the things that can make it all come crashing down. If you adorn a little willingness to your recovery, you will be pleasantly surprised how well the life around you will conform into a life that is worth living.

Serenity Oaks Wellness Center has a mantra to “adorn the soul”. Let us show you how to adorn your soul by putting recovery words into action in your life. Our partial treatment center has a 5 week program that is geared around reclaiming your life back. You can start today by calling: 844-720-6847

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