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Tips for Parents about Talking to Teens about Prom

Tips for Parents about Talking to Teens about Prom

Springtime is not only a season of warmer climates that brings about beautiful flowers and singing birds, it is also the season of school dances such as Prom. This night signifies fancy dresses and tuxedos, bouquets and boutonnieres, limousines, and for many teens a reason to drink while being unchaperoned or having sex for the first time. As a parent, the important choice you can make before they go is to arm your kid with the appropriate information to make the best decisions they can on Prom night.

Most teenagers attempt to dodge having to talk to their parents about the furtive activities they are planning such as drinking alcohol or having sex since they think you will squash everything that they wholeheartedly want. As much as the conversation may seem awkward, having a talk with your teen about what could happen may save you some trouble later by giving them insight on the ramifications that could happen if they are not careful.

Give them the opportunity to be open

Instead of sitting them down for “The Talk”, casually discuss the different topics you think will encourage them to make good choices. When you are shopping or driving, nonchalantly talk to your teen in a non-threatening way about the different scenarios that they could face. Ask them questions about how they would handle situations with peer pressure, drunk driving, or unprotected sex. Knowing that you care instead of coming down on them, can give them a better direction to come to you rather than fear you.

Get your facts straight

Find some statistics and evidence that can back you up what you are trying to convey to them.
54 percent of teens binge drink on Prom night because they must hide it.
Binge drinking constitutes 5 drinks within a 2-hour period.
⅓ of all teenage driving fatalities involve alcohol.
1 in 5 female teens will be sexually assaulted by a date.
Having this type of information at your fingertips can back up what you are trying to articulate – that safety is important at all costs.

Guide the way

Let them know that you will be available to pick them up if they need a ride home anytime or anywhere with no lectures to endure even if they make a mistake with being too intoxicated. You can also pre-set up the Uber app as a backup plan for them to get home safely. Putting together a strategy beforehand can give your teen a better distinction on what they should do if they find themselves in a precarious predicament.

Although your teens may act like they know-it-all, they still need you to influence their fortitude. Giving them the tools that they need and generating a plan of action in the case that something goes awry, can make the difference on how much fun your teen can have on their Prom night.

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