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Tips on Resiliency in Recovery

Tips on Resiliency in Recovery

Nov 23, 2018 | 12 Step Meeting, Recovery

The news is fraught with incidences of tragic and horrific events on a national and local level. When something difficult hits home, like the death of a loved one, a serious disease like drug addiction and alcoholism, many people react to these circumstances with a flood of strong emotions and a sense of uncertainty. Yet, we can and do heal from all sorts of difficult and tragic events that disrupt our lives. Though we don’t forget the tragedy or the impact they have had on us, we are nonetheless able to tap into resources that help us adapt.

Getting through the stress and residue of hardship involves resilience. Resilience is a process that necessitates time, effort and taking action.

Consider the connections made at a funeral. There, we encounter family members whom we haven’t seen in years. Reconnecting with family, and connecting with friends during hard times can help dissipate momentus pain. Accepting help and support from those who care about us and who listen well, can strengthen our resilience. In addition to close friends and family, some find being active in social groups provides them with support, and they begin to fill in their lives with margins of hope. Support groups for addiction help foster connection, hope and resiliency, too.

We can try to see our personal crisis as something surmountable, rather than a constant blockade to peace of mind. We often can’t prevent our initial reactions to difficulty, nor, in many cases, could we have prevented the event. We can, over time, alter how we respond to these events. Thinking beyond the present to how future circumstances may unfold and be a little easier can help. Trying to be present to nuances of change will help too. Did I just laugh? I haven’t laughed for over two months!

In recovery, we have heard about acceptance over and over again. Though some of our endeavors and dreams may have changed due to an addiction, acceptance can help. Acceptance is like having a well-oiled key, as it gains us access to action and therefore, resiliency. Through time, rest and work, we may realize options are available to us, along with new channels of opportunity in which to explore.

Becoming resilient in recovery can be further garnered by developing a few realistic and attainable goals. When we undertake something on a regular basis, no matter how simple, and accomplish it, we are more likely to try again tomorrow. Hence, we develop a pattern of positive activity that adds to our resiliency.

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