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Tips on How to Connect with New People When You Move to Another City In Recovery

Feb 22, 2018 | Recovery, Relationships

You got sober, but the events in your life are moving you to another city. This can be a difficult task for someone in recovery especially since you no longer have the same confidence booster that you found in alcohol and drugs to help you meet new people. Even though you may not be a newcomer in the program anymore, you will still feel like one when attending new meetings and encountering new recovery peeps. The most effective way to connect with the program and the people in it, is do the identical things that you did when you first got sober.

Get a sponsor

Some people can have a long-distance sponsor, while others need to have a sponsor that attends the same meetings. Having a sponsor in the meetings that you frequent can give you a shoe into meeting others. Your sponsor can also give you the inside scoop for the meetings and the people in them, so that you can figure out how to connect to them both.

Call people

Grab a phone list from the meetings that you attend and start calling people. You can hide behind the phone until you feel comfortable with talking face to face with someone. The call does not necessarily have to be a long one. Let others know that you are picking up the phone because you are trying to get connected and they should understand exactly where you are coming from.

Share in meetings

If you sit in meetings and never share, people cannot get to know you or relate to you. People are inquisitive about the new people and wanting to hear their story. Share your experience, strength, and hope because you never know who you can help with your personal life experiences.

Get commitments

One of the best ways to get connected is being of service. Commitments are a dime a dozen to keep meetings going in their full capacity. Setting up, making coffee, and greeting people can spark conversations easier and show people that you have a servant’s heart.  

Get a home group

When you frequent a place, you tend to get to know the regulars. You must become a regular to really become part of the group. People generally like consistency, so if you are regularly present to your home group, you can become better known to those around you.

You may feel out of sorts when you move to a new city to try and associate yourself into a new group. Overlook the perceived cliques and get in there to share in your recovery.





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