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Tips for Developing Roots in Recovery

Nov 17, 2017 | Recovery

Growing roots in recovery is a great way to ensure a future full of sobriety. Many people are under the impression that recovery is a tall order to uphold with all the suggestions that can keep them sober. Putting the same amount of effort into an individual’s recovery that was exhausted during their addiction, can prove to be an efficacious equation that will ensure a mainstay in recovery.   

Tips for Developing Roots in Recovery

Take it one day at a time

Trying to get instant gratification for an addiction that took time to cultivate, may jeopardize the ambition in recovery. There should be no struggle to get through recovery any faster than need be.


Participation is not meant to be overwhelming


Doing too much too soon can be lead to a relapse. Addicts are known to overindulge when something feels good and feeling the positive results of recovery is no different. Take it easy.


Go to any lengths to stay sober


There should be no reasonable limit as to what needs to be done to remain sober. Do what others who have stayed sober do. This is a great example of when to play “follow the leader”.


Live in the HOW


Honesty, open mindedness, and willingness are some key components to live by when the goal is to stay sober. These three pieces of recovery can make a huge distinction of living in recovery or living in the forefront of relapse.


Get connected in a 12-Step Program


Support goes a long way in recovery. Being around the people who understand the most, helps with accountability. Suiting up and showing up in recovery usually starts with one person sharing their struggles with another.


Remain teachable


Being a know-it-all can keep an addict from hearing the solution that they need to live by. Putting aside ego and pride is necessary to acquire the gifts of recovery.


Do esteemable acts


A gamut of different deeds defines esteemable acts. Taking the shopping cart back. Going on a job interview. Opening the door for an elderly person. Working the 12-Steps. Volunteering for a charity event. Making time for self-care. Being of service to mankind as well as on a personal level, is what helps with gaining self-esteem.


Keep recovery up


The point of recovery is to improve personal growth. Action is an important part of growth and without it, a person will remain stagnant in their recovery.

Getting a starting point in building a foundation is imperative to grow roots in recovery.  Roots are the anchor of recovery because without the roots, recovery would fall short into the ground.

You deserve to be ADORNED in your recovery. Life skills, coping tools, education, holistic healing, and a sober support system will help you gain long term sobriety. Serenity Oaks Wellness Center offers a comprehensive treatment program for recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.

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