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Tips to Build a Recovery Tool Kit

Apr 2, 2018 | Recovery, Sobriety

Most people have probably heard that they should use their recovery tools to maintain sobriety. In recovery, it is important to build a tool kit to shift or relieve whatever is going on the present moment. The purpose of the tool kit is to keep someone on the straight and narrow when they feel weak or on the verge of relapse. One of the best ways to figure out the tools that are needed is by trial and error or by suggestions from a therapist or a sponsor.

To make the best use of a recovery tool kit, one should practice using the different tools as things come up. The best analogy is one of a fire drill. In schools, students may have to participate in a fire drill to be shown the best directions and exits to take to get out of the school most efficiently without getting injured. This lets students have the knowledge they need to evacuate when there is the threat of an actual fire.  

This is how learning about recovery tools can be pertinent to prevent relapse. A person in recovery needs to be shown how to do something different than participate in their addiction when times get tough. By showing them a different way to cope by using their tools, they can get out of “the fire” unscathed because they will know how to use the information that will keep them sober. If they feel like drinking or using, they can pull out one of their tools from their toolkit to keep them from making a mistake that could set them back in their recovery.  


  • Call someone
  • Go to a Meeting
  • Be of service
  • Surrender
  • Seek a Higher Power
  • Mediate
  • Pray
  • Laugh
  • Be tolerant
  • Set boundaries
  • Be Grateful
  • Feel feelings
  • Be honest
  • Have willingness
  • Be tolerant
  • Have patience
  • Practice humility
  • Get commitments


The list of tools could go on and on. While these suggested tools may seem like no brainers, they may not be the first thing that one thinks of before going on a bender. Practicing putting these into motion is the thing that will set people up for success when they want to maintain their sobriety.

Just like in a fire, people in recovery panic, and run into a dangerous situation when they do not know what to do. Know what to do when the risk of relapse is upon you. Your recovery toolkit might be the one thing that saves your life.

Serenity Oak Wellness Center is a 5-week extensive treatment program that caters to someone who is struggling with alcohol or drug addiction. Our program focuses on helping our clients to build a recovery toolkit to help better their chances at maintaining long-term sobriety.

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