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The Whole Truth about Cross Addiction

The Whole Truth about Cross Addiction

Jul 17, 2018 | 12 Step Meeting, Addiction

Learning about the different aspects of addiction can be the very thing that can help you to stay sober. The statement “knowledge is power” dates to 1597 and is as relevant as ever especially with a subject as complex as addiction. Knowing what your addiction entails can be helpful to move you through the motions of recovery with more ease. One of the ways you may want to cope with a substance abuse disorder is through a cross addiction which replaces one addiction with another without realizing what is happening.

A cross addiction is a way to deflect from the reasons that you may have the addiction in the first place. Cross addiction can manifest in different addictive behaviors in which you may think you are immune to. You may have started out being addicted to alcohol and marijuana and then graduated to something more illicit or more powerful to keep up with the tolerance you have built up. Once you get sober, you may start smoking cigarettes instead of using drugs or alcohol, and then stop smoking and begin to use food to handle the trauma or abuse you had to endure at some point in your life.

With the opioid epidemic going on, one of the newer trends of cross addiction has been to become addicted to pain medication after the cessation illicit drugs or alcohol. You may justify taking medication that has been prescribed by your doctor but taking opioids can be a dangerous decision to make because they are extremely addictive especially for someone who has a substance abuse disorder.

If you are new to recovery, or have been sober for a while, you may be susceptible to one or more of these types of behavior. You should prepare yourself with the possibility of a cross addiction because the brain’s reward system finds addiction appealing. While certain behaviors may seem harmless at first, cross addiction may take your behavior to a more dangerous level that can revert you back to the addictive behaviors that you are trying to avoid in your recovery.

Cross addiction can be preventable first and foremost by being honest with your doctor, your loved ones and most importantly with yourself. Having a healthy fear of a cross addiction may be the very thing in keeping you from trying something that may set you over the edge.

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