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The Truth About Self-injury

The Truth About Self-injury

Aug 20, 2018 | Addiction, Rehab

When self-injury is thought of, many people think about the act of cutting. Although cutting is certainly part of self-injury, there is more to equation involving self-injury which is often overlooked by parents, teachers, and peers until something traumatic happens. Other definitions of self-injury often include self-mutilation or self-harm and is much more common than one may realize.

There are approximately 2 million cases of self-harm in the United States with 60 percent of those being females. The myth is that cutting or self-harming is not prevalent, but it happens more than then most people may wish to accept. Mutilation is more about releasing the pain than it is about the trying to end their life which is another misconception that surrounds cutting. Instead of wanting to commit suicide, they are just looking for a way to feel better.

Self-injury consists of many methods that are more extensive than just cutting. Other ways that self-harm manifests itself is through burning the skin, biting, hitting, sticking objects under the skin, picking, scratching, or anything else that leaves a mark. By harming themselves they create an outlet that gives their misery a release. Addiction, eating disorders, trauma, depression, anxiety, and bipolar are all reasons that people find that self-injury will help alleviate the stress when they feel when they do not have a way out.

People who self-harm themselves are not searching for attention as much as they are crying out for help due to the intense and insufferable feelings that seemingly go away with each wound that is self-imposed. They also go to great lengths to try and hide the self-harm from everyone that is close to them. Once the issue of self-harm is confronted, a person who has been exposed with their secret could use some compassion and direction into treatment.  

Treatment for self-harm becomes beneficial when psychotherapy is used to focalize the issues that have created the intuition. Cognitive-behavioral therapy works well since it is a short-term solution and is beneficial because it is goal-oriented. By recognizing the emotions, thoughts, and behaviors, and then understanding them in the appropriate light, can allow them to be replaced with a more positive course of action. Using an affirmative and realistic approach to the problems that cause self-mutilation can reduce the symptoms significantly.

Someone who is hurting themselves is fighting an inner battle that only feels like it is better when they cause themselves injury. Try reaching out to them in way that they will understand so that they can find the support they need to stop.

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