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The Stages of Meth Intoxication

Feb 16, 2018 | Drug Addiction

Methamphetamine is a highly- addictive white crystalline drug known by the names of crystal meth, meth, crank, chalk, ice, or glass. Users find that its effects mark an individual with a unsurmountable false sense of well-being. Meth can be consumed by inhaling it, snorting it, or injecting it. The experience of the drug starts with an euphoric high that usually evolves into a rather destructive lifestyle of drug abuse. The stages of meth are a useful way of seeing how influential this drug really is.

The Rush

Stage one of meth can be experienced with a higher blood pressure, metabolism, and pulse, creating pleasurable feelings from dopamine being released into the brain. This can last up to about 30 minutes when the meth initially reaches the user.

The High

This stage will last anywhere from 4-16 hours. Users of meth become more aggressive and belligerent due to the invincibility that many consumers feel throughout their high. Generally, they become fixated on an action that they will continue do for hours on end such as fixing a computer or cleaning the same area repeatedly.

The Binge

Lasting anywhere from 3-15 days, the next stage of meth keeps an individual constantly searching for their next high. The effects of meth become less the more the user takes, although they will keep consuming it until there is no high that can be achieved at all. The binger will shift into an increasingly more mental and physical manic state.

The Tweak

Once the user is unable to get high, they begin to feel empty and begin to panic that they cannot relieve the cravings they feel. The person who is “tweaking” has probably been awake for days, so they may reach a psychosis that makes their perception completely disconnected from the rest of the world while literally feeling like they are crawling out of their skin.

The Crash

A body can only take so much of meth abuse and once the body has had enough, it will completely shut down forcing a user to sleep possibly anywhere from 1-3 days.

The Hangover

Because meth keeps a user from wanting to eat, sleep or take care of their hygiene, they will finally feel what their body has been put through with their drug abuse. The hangover displays the mental, physical, and emotional deterioration that is invoked by methamphetamine.

The Withdrawal

During this final stage, the user will start to feel dope sick, achy, and debilitated while enduring intense drug cravings. Feeling depressed and possibly suicidal is very common during a withdrawal.

Methamphetamines are no joke when it comes to the stages that come after taking them. They are highly addictive while taking out all the resources that the body needs to function. All the while, users develop a dependence that can only be eased by taking more meth to repeat the insidious cycle of addiction.






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