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The Power of Options

The Power of Options

Nov 7, 2018 | 12 Step Meeting, Addiction

A man and his wife have been cruising the intercoastal waterway with their friends, who own a beautiful yacht. It’s the last night before they fly home. The man leaves the cozy cabin. Later, his friend checks on him and finds him topside, inebriated and crying. He doesn’t want to go back to work. On the outside, he’s a wealthy banker, but on the inside he’s miserable and hates his job.

His wife seems to enjoy the lifestyle his income affords them, but he feels stuck and doesn’t consider and options for change. Instead of finding an alternative position, or a new job, the man chooses to drink away his pain. Before too long the progression of alcoholism takes control over him, and any options he might have had are washed away.

Whatever our situation, whether it be a terrible job, an abusive relationship, or something benign like choosing not to go to the July 4th picnic at the office—we have options. Some people choose to ignore their options and look to alcohol or drugs to make them feel better. Are they being martyrs for what they perceive as the greater good of their family? Do they suffer from low self esteem, and think they are doomed for life? Are they blind to their options because they have taken on the role as victim?

Some people don’t even realize that inaction can be a neon sign that spells victim. They could learn to take their options seriously and change the course of their lives. Take the banker’s situation. He could have sat down with his wife and had a heart to heart, told her how miserable he was, and together could have considered some options. They are financially secure. They don’t need to live extravagantly to enjoy life. What if he resigned from the bank, they sell their home and find a modest, cozy one in that small town nearby they love so much? His wife never let on that she wants more purpose in her life—maybe she could get a job at the health food store?

The options we explore and take, aren’t necessarily going to be easy, but in the long run may provide us with new opportunities and a more optimistic outlook on life. By paying attention to their feelings, people may be able to avoid addiction. In recovery, they could avoid a relapse.

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