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The Positive Benefits of CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)

The Positive Benefits of CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)

Sep 5, 2018 | Mental Health, Treatment

A variety of treatments are available to help people who struggle with serious substance abuse issues and other mental health challenges. Some treatments rely on medication, while others use non-medication based behavioral modifications. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a way of helping people process pain, trauma, and other mental health issues in a supported context with a high rate of efficacy. Find out why it has been helping so many people battle back against addiction disorders.

CBT History

Cognitive behavioral therapy was founded in the 1960s out of psychoanalysis. After carrying out some experiments, the concepts underpinning the approach didn’t seem to apply to real-world situations. The doctor looked at other ways to motivate people with depression and realized trying a new approach to identify negative thoughts, judge with a critical eye, and assess in reality helped to bring up some of the challenges and start to process them. CBT can provide positive results for people with diagnosable substance abuse problems and a variety of mental health challenges, which is why it has been used so widely in the addiction and recovery communities.

Efficacy of CBT

Cognitive behavioral therapy can be used as treatment for mental health and substance use disorders. CBT-based behavioral modifications have spread as a method of address serious substance problems. Evidence-based approaches can help people affected by abuse and addiction issues including alcoholism, meth use, cocaine, marijuana, or tobacco use as well. CBT provides real-world results that are trackable and identifiable. Depressive disorders along with other mental health issues can be supported through behavioral therapy. The reason that CBT works so well and is widely used in mental health treatment is that therapists can help the individuals identify what happened to bring them to this place and raise awareness from within about how to cope with the challenges.

By being able to personally identify with the challenges of mental health and substance abuse, a person can be on the road to a healthy recovery. This kind of support is critical to long-term recovery. In spite of the challenges a person faces, psychological support from CBT can be one of the spotlights of hope in what may feel like a difficult journey.

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