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The Jewish Atlanta Community Responds to Mental Health and Substance Abuse

The Jewish Atlanta Community Responds to Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Religion is usually a touchy subject when it comes to people in recovery. People wanting to stay sober get leery when their suggestion “to find a power greater than themselves” is presented even though the connotation is not meant to be religious. For some people, however, hearing the word “God” in the rooms of a 12-Step program can be a comforting aspect when attending a meeting that they may not want to be at in the first place. There are recovery programs, such as Celebrate Recovery and the 12-Steps for Christians, that are purposely religious in nature to accommodate certain people.

For many religious denominations, hiding addiction and mental health issues is easier than coming clean or thinking they are going to be condemned. Due to the opioid crisis, religious groups have started coming to the forefront to help people who are suffering from mental illness and are battling addiction to reduce the number of overdoses – a fatal problem the country as a whole is facing.

There is an up and coming Jewish community that is relatively new that has started in Atlanta and intends to expand across the United States and Canada in the year of 2019. The Blue Dove Foundation has been instrumental in giving a voice for the Jewish community to address issues in addiction as well as mental health. The purpose of the Blue Dove Foundation is to “work towards advancing conversations, eradicating the stigma and shame, educating the Jewish community as well as helping to overcome the financial barriers of seeking treatment”.

Part of their mission is to provide a program that specifically develops a “‘Jewish’ mental health toolkit” that can be beneficial in synagogues, schools, and camps that can give the necessary spiritual solution that people in their community can relate to. Blue Dove Foundation held a debut program called “Quieting the Silence” where over 200 hundred people showed up to hear true stories from Jewish families that have been affected by their loved one’s addiction or mental illness. The night was seemly a success with getting across the information that needs to be passed onto many more who may be still naive to what is happening around the country.

Addiction and mental illness certainly does not discriminate against anyone and every walk of life should have a spiritual solution that specifically works for them. The ever-changing stigma of addiction continues to bring help to those in need and the Jewish community is no different.

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