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The Fear of the Freshman Fifteen Turning into an Eating Disorder

The Fear of the Freshman Fifteen Turning into an Eating Disorder

Aug 30, 2018 | eating disorder, Recovery

This year over 21 million students will attend college in the fall which leads students into a new environment of classes, friends, and activities. For those who just finished high school, they may move out of a stable environment with their parents and go straight into a dorm room. Without the same supervision they are accustomed to, many students find themselves having later nights with studying and partying which can take a toll on their sleeping and eating habits. After a few months of these differences taking place, some students will step on a scale and learn they have gained the infamous freshman fifteen.

Acquiring the freshman fifteen is not uncommon with many students. With an increased alcohol consumption, late night eating, and less extra-curricular activities being participated in, the freshman fifteen can be achieved rather quickly unintentionally in the waistline of males and females. Although this may seem like a contrived phenomenon, the freshman fifteen can affect students negatively in a few different ways.


With an abrupt increase in weight, the health of a student experiencing the freshman fifteen can see an increase in their cholesterol, blood pressure, and unhealthy fluctuations in their blood sugar levels. Eating fast foods after binge drinking or smoking marijuana is one of the main reasons that the fresh fifteen occurs. Once a student makes changes to combat the freshman fifteen, the body, especially among young people, can resiliently lose weight much easier.

Eating disorder

In preparation for college, some students anticipate the freshman fifteen and start taking actions to prevent the extra pounds. Anorexia and bulimia may be used to counteract the fear of gaining extra weight. An eating disorder may manifest as part of a precautionary measure to not gain the weight before it even happens although the obsessive state of the mind is what gets aroused and becomes dangerous.


The main reason a student goes to school is to get an education which can become second nature to an eating disorder. Someone with an eating disorder can divert all their responsibilities to sustain it instead of showing up to their classes or keeping up with their homework. Eating disorders take work to maintain which can take their focus off why they are at college in the first place.

Although many who gain the freshman fifteen will eventually drop the pounds once they settle into their new life at school, many others can develop problems that surround the added pounds. Watch for the signs that your kid may develop and step in where you can.

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