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Taking Action is Critical for Sobriety

Sep 15, 2017 | Recovery, Sobriety

There seems to be a stigma on how recovery should go.  Recovery is a lifelong journey. Whether you are in treatment or just a year into sobriety, don’t stop now.  Actively moving forward with your life is crucial to staying sober.

In the beginning of treatment, your support network or therapist will talk to you about a treatment plan.  It might be a lengthily detailed plan and it might seem overwhelming, but break it down to what you need or understand.  Take cues from other people in treatment on how to stay focused.  Everyone’s experience is different, but we can still lean on each other for more knowledge.  Review your steps every few days or once a week.  Keeping it in mind will help you keep it in focus.

A lot of plans look similar in the beginning.  Eat better, get more sleep, exercise more, and keep up with personal hygiene.  After the first stages of recovery, you will find that these actions are normalized.  You’ve implemented them into your routine and are feeling better about handling life.

As soon as you have control, you can lose it again. Revise your treatment plan regularly with your therapist and treatment provider.  Think of activities that help you stay focused.  Continue meetings or therapy.  Volunteer at the local food pantry or at your church.  Be a resource for someone that needs an extra hand at sobriety, but also be careful.  Don’t let the bad influences back in.  It is beneficial if this is through a facility that wants more outlets for people in recovery.  Helping others is taking action with your recovery, too.

Be sure to add goals to your game plan.  One of the best aspects of recovery is that you have a future!  It’s time to take action.  It is something that you will always have control over, too.  If letting go is one of the difficult phases for you, this can help.  Give yourself guidelines and deadlines to meet the goals.  Meeting these little targets to make it to the big picture can be little pieces of instant gratification.  This community knows the benefits to having little successes.  Instead of the drastic highs to the deep dark lows, you will find that continued success of little euphorias will get you climbing the ladder of life before you know it.  Take control and take action on your life.


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