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Can Social Media Cause Depression?

Dec 1, 2017 | Mental Health, QA

Depression is a mood disorder that is classified by having a depressive state for two or more weeks. Social media in the more recent years has been researched to see if it is a cause of depression. Since the research is so new, there has been no proof that social media is a culprit for depression. Mood disorders are thought to be predisposed conditions that are affected by genetic, biochemical, and social factors, but not yet for social media factors.

Social media usage has become a normal part of society. More people than not use social media frequently throughout the day. For social media users, feelings of depression can happen for a myriad of different reasons.


People can be really mean behind a computer. Saying whatever their opinions are without regard to anyone’s feelings has become the new norm. There is a difference between expressing an opinion and just plain being a tormentor.

The Facebook Family

People post pictures of their families for everyone to see. These pictures are taken when they happy or doing something fun. Looking at these pictures wishing you had the life of someone else and having a “Keeping up with The Jones” mentality, can give someone a false sense of reality. Where are the pictures of kids throwing tantrums videos or couples fighting? Those type of negative things will most likely not be displayed by the person themselves because we all have a rep to protect.

Limited Face to Face Interaction

Looking at pictures and posts may keep you up to date with everything that is going on, but having human interaction is really important to nurture relationships. People can get lonely and cranky without having a smile, a pat on the back, or some face to face conversation once in a while.

Using Social Media to Fill a Void

Instead of looking at the real reasons that depression is coming out, people will use social media to avoid what is really going on. There is a lot of wasted, empty time on social media to pretend that there are no real problems.

There is no real research that dictates that social media causes depression. Using social media to catch up with old friends and getting information can bring joy, but using social media to improve image or for comparison to others may just leave you depressed.

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