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Sobriety vs. Recovery

Mar 23, 2018 | Recovery, Sobriety

Putting an end to substance abuse is a win for all who are involved. Things tend to get better for a person who is battling alcohol or drug addiction when they stop being under the influence. Although life continues with its own conditions, there is a choice in how to deal with them. This is where the difference between sobriety and recovery becomes clearer. While being sober should certainly be celebrated, the fact of the matter is that sobriety means exactly that, someone is sober. The drugs and alcohol may be taken away, but that does not necessarily mean that anything else has changed.

In recovery, nothing changes if nothing changes. You may live in the same house, have the same loved ones, drive the same car, or even have the same job. The thing that must change in recovery is you. If you keep doing what you are doing, you will keep getting what you are getting. With that philosophy, the changes that you acquire in recovery can make the biggest impact on the state of your integrity.

While there is no one way to set recovery into motion, being in recovery is important and can classify you differently from others by bettering yourself with the tools that recovery has to offer. At first, it may be all about not picking up a drug or a drink no matter what. After some time in recovery, it becomes more about being relieved of the obsession to drink, as well as finding the right way to live through the principles that can make a person feel and become more wholesome.

Learning to live without the drugs and alcohol can make life seem boring and uneventful. Trying out a 12-Step program, holistic therapy, or an alternative method of recovery can change your life. You will find people that you can relate to and fellowship with to know that you are not alone. Tools that others that have used to get sober before you can be revealed and guide you to live a better life of harmony. Getting sober is the first part of the equation of recovery, and healing physically and mentally can help you to embark on healing spiritually.

Drugs and alcohol became your solution to all of life’s ins and out. Putting down the drugs and alcohol in lieu of recovery measures, can unveil a promising life that you could have never imagined for yourself in recovery.

Serenity Oaks Wellness Center is founded upon showing someone who is struggling with drugs and alcohol how to go from sobriety to recovery. Our holistic therapy and 12-Step aspects can make the difference in showing you how to live the life you deserve in recovery.

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