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Silver Linings in Recovery

Silver Linings in Recovery

Nov 19, 2018 | 12 Step Meeting, Recovery

From your perspective, silver linings in recovery might seem like a ridiculous notion. Your personal story of substance abuse, and its consequences is enough to sink the proverbial Titanic. In fact, even though you’re in recovery, you feel as if you’re on the ship. The silver lining or linings may not be know to you now, but it doesn’t mean they won’t show themselves at one point in time or another.

When you’re in recovery, you may be healing from many wounds: old wounds from childhood, self-deprecating wounds you laid on yourself for having an addiction, or for neglecting and hurting family members verbally, physically or worse, wounds from war or environmental disasters or a car accident which left you seriously hurt with doctor’s bills you can’t afford. Whatever the wounds may be, they are real and alive in you, but they don’t always have to have power over you like alcohol once did.

You might question, what’s this business of a silver lining in recovery? A silver lining can manifest in any number of ways. This is where time, intention and patience enter into the picture. Time heals all wounds; time management will help my productivity in life; and time is on my side, are just a few thoughts about time. However, an important part of recovery is understanding that it takes time to heal well. Recovery takes patience with yourself and others. Lasting recovery necessitates a clear intention to change our negative behaviors and attitudes into positive ones.

A standard line of thinking is once you have an addiction to alcohol, you always have it. There are some in recovery who profess they are actually glad to have the disease of alcoholism. Here’s where the silver lining enters. When one says they are glad, they are referring to the benefits from recovery they never would have had or felt if they hadn’t first had an addiction to alcohol. People who work on their recovery change.

Silver linings are different for each person, with one steady parameter—they learn how to live life on life’s terms. Sure, difficult times come and go, but being able to handle them without a drink or a substitute is one bright silver lining. Change allows for new visions, goal setting, personal growth in areas like self esteem, acceptance and motivation. Keep up the rewarding and sometimes difficult work of self discovery. See the silver linings for yourself!

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