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Signs That You are a Dry Drunk

Signs That You are a Dry Drunk

Jun 12, 2018 | Alcohol Addiction, Recovery

When someone recognizes that their consequences have become too much to handle due to abusing alcohol, they may end their drinking career. Legal issues, financial woes, health problems, and failing relationships are some of the major reasons people who abuse alcohol call it quits. There will be a period of emotional changes that can make you go through all the stages of grief because you may feel like you are literally giving up your best friend – alcohol.   

Anger is a normal feeling that ensues with someone who is addicted to alcohol and can no longer use alcohol to suppress what they are going through. In time, this anger will typically pass for most with the acceptance of their new lifestyle and working through the reasons that made them feel compelled to drink in the first place. Others will stay upset because they cannot continue to drink and will make everyone around them feel their pain. A person who stops drinking and yet exhibits all the same behaviors of their addiction is considered a dry drunk.


Instead of looking at what they have to be grateful for, they remain upset that they cannot do what they think they should be able to do. Along with self-pity comes anger, isolation, and a low tolerance for stress. They fight recovery with everything they have because they feel cheated of their right to drink.


Someone that may be considered a dry drunk has a mentality of holier than thou and is not interested in what others think about their situation. They believe that they already have everything figured out when it comes to their life and do not need help for what they are sure they already know.


A person experiencing dry drunk symptoms will stay in complete denial of their past trauma, abuse, or self-esteem issues. They would rather live in a miserable existence than admit that they need help for anything by putting up a tough exterior.


Dry drunks will exchange drinking for other unhealthy behaviors such as smoking cigarettes, overeating, or extreme sexual behaviors. Having some unethical conduct can help them to fill the void with actions that give them a similar feeling from when they were drinking.

Someone that exists as a dry drunk has a way out of living the inadequate life that has continued after ending their alcohol abuse. The saying goes “once a pickle, always a pickle” which means that someone that has an addiction will always be addicted. What a person does in their recovery is what makes the difference. Nothing changes if nothing changes but going for the gusto in recovery is what will make the biggest difference of all.

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