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Should Naloxone Be a Part of My First Aid Kit?

Should Naloxone Be a Part of My First Aid Kit?

Jul 20, 2018 | QA, Wellness

Addiction is no longer seen as something that only happens to a homeless or poverty stricken individual. The face of addiction has continued to broaden to include anyone who abuses prescription drugs, heroin, or any drug that can cause overdose when misused. With the opioid crisis receiving more notoriety over the last decade, the truth is that this epidemic has caused more unnecessary deaths with unlikely targets.

Many parents and loved ones of people who abuse opiates have begun to gain more information and guidance with what they can do to lend a hand. The death toll for opioid overdoses has risen higher than those who have died from cancer which has put awareness and prevention as solutions to help this navigate this problem.

One of the suggestions that has come to light for prevention to opioid overdose in the last few months is to add Naloxone to the first aid kit. Naloxone is a prescription medication designed to reverse opioid addiction in hopes of saving more lives. The opioid receptors in the brain are blocked from Naloxone allowing someone who has overdosed on narcotics a chance to become revived. Respiration gets restored back to normal from a depressive state once Naloxone takes effect.

Putting Naloxone in the first aid kit could prevent more deaths on the spot than not having anything to help in the case of emergency. EMTs and firefighters now carry Naloxone as a preventable measure to assist those who are encountering an overdose with the thought to expand that idea to civilians as well. Stores such as CVS will be keeping more stock on hand to allow home first aid kits to expand with the addition of Naloxone.

The criticism that has formed with Naloxone being so accessible stems from the fear that people will continue to abuse opioids because they know that if something happens they will be stopped from overdosing. Even though they may not be dying from overdose, they will still suffer from the negative consequences which drug addiction brings about. Instead of getting the recovery that they need, they will fall back on the reliance that Naloxone will be there to save their life.

Making the choice to keep Naloxone will be up to each household and may depend how close they are to a drug addiction. Talking to a healthcare professional to get more information may better assist someone in deciding if keeping Naloxone in their house is a good choice for them.

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