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Should I Be in a Relationship with Someone in the Program?

Should I Be in a Relationship with Someone in the Program?

Jul 11, 2018 | QA, Relationships

The rule of thumb in recovery is to wait a year, if you can, before you make any big changes that could affect your ability to say sober. This includes moving, changing jobs, or getting into a relationship in your first year of sobriety especially with someone you might have met in the program. You may be wondering if having two people in recovery in one relationship is a disaster waiting to happen or a match made in heaven. Honestly, this all depends on a few important aspects of the relationship.

Both of you should have sponsors

You may want to tell your significant other to go to meetings, point them to the Big Book, or give them a step work. Each of you must choose a sponsor and what you have to remember is that it is not you. Staying out of each other’s program is key because this could cause extra resentment in an already emotional situation.

Both of you should be working your program

Healthy recovery programs will heed healthy recovery relationships. Growth is dependent on how much work you put into your program. Although you two may never be in the same spot in recovery, just knowing that you are in this together gives you a purpose in your relationship. The probability of being kind and loving in your relationship will be more prominent by simply practicing the principles in all your affairs.

Both of you should go to meetings

Meetings are an important part of recovery. Going to meetings together may seem to save gas, but it may not save you when you the two of you are not getting along. There is no problem going to some meetings together although being independent from each other with a few meetings can be helpful to your ongoing recovery. If something were to happen in your relationship, having your own place to go in a time of need will be beneficial to maintain your sobriety.

Both of you should have your own beliefs

A Higher Power is indicative of your own conception of a power greater than yourself. While you may have similar beliefs in a Higher Power, having your own personal connection is pivotal. You can pursue a spiritual life together with a separate relationship with your own Higher Power.

Getting sober allows you to have healthier relationships through working your program. Your Higher Power did not bring you this far to be alone. Choose wisely with your selection in a love interest so you can continue to enhance your program.

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