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Should Alcoholics Participate in Stealth Drinking?

Jan 18, 2018 | Alcohol Addiction, QA

Alcoholics in recovery must quit drinking to be sober. That may sound pretty simple to some, but it can be a hard road to maneuver to get to the point of cessation for some alcoholics. Figuring out what causes triggers and cravings can be tough to access, but important to keep alcoholics from having any setbacks.

A newer term that has come out in the news in the last year is stealth drinking. Stealth means “to make detection of sonar or radar difficult”. To accommodate the term “stealth drinking”, changing the definition of stealth into “to make the detection of alcohol difficult”, can better describe what takes place during this activity which has two different connotations.

For somebody that drinks, it can mean that they try to hide their alcohol so that nobody is none the wiser that they are drinking. Maybe individuals want to avoid high prices at an event or do not want to get caught drinking where it is restricted. They may camouflage their alcohol by putting a soda label around a beer can, carry their booze in a flask, or finding other clever ways to dispense their alcohol without having anybody know the difference.

The second context for stealth drinking is for an alcoholic that no longer indulges in alcohol. Mocktails, non-alcoholic beer, non-alcoholic wine, or virgin drinks replace the ones that contain alcohol, so that they can appear to be drinking when they really are not. Questioning whether or not this is a good option in recovery will have to be an individual choice. Deciding if stealth drinking is wise for an alcoholic to partake in should rely solely on pondering their chance of relapse.

Glamorizing the drink can be frowned upon with somebody that is trying to stay sober. The unrealistic portrayal of a non-alcoholic drink can possibly get an alcoholic to fantasize about what it would really be like to have alcohol in their drink. The scenario in the mind might play out with a glass of wine next to the fire listening to some jazz. Most likely, the true scenario would be just another drunken stupor nightmare with high consequences.

Using stealth drinking to fool others around you, might steer tipsy company in the wrong direction. Dishonesty can put an alcoholic at risk for relapse by getting into the hot seat of peer pressure. Mistakes and confusion in preparing the drink can also take place especially with other people who are under the influence.

Keeping the same sobriety date should be the MO for somebody that wants to recover from alcohol. Since an alcoholic’s MO is usually trying to get away with something, stealth drinking should be catechized to see if there is “a legitimate reason to be there”.

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