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Safety Tips to Protect Your Family from Being Sexually Assaulted

Safety Tips to Protect Your Family from Being Sexually Assaulted

There is a commonality with people that have suffered from sexual abuse because they may use drugs and alcohol to cope in the aftermath of their assault which can turn into an addiction. Someone that has been victimized with child sexual abuse are two to three times more likely to develop a substance abuse disorder when they are older. 75 percent of women that have sought help for alcohol or drug dependency by entering a treatment program, have admitted that they have been traumatized by sexual abuse at some point in their life.

Alcohol and drugs are often found alongside sexual assault and rape cases. Being under the influence, can make someone more vulnerable to threatening situations especially where scandalous sexual behavior is concerned. The best option is for someone to learn how to better protect themselves or their kids from being sexually assaulted.

Trust your instincts

If you get a creepy feeling from someone or feel that your personal space is being violated, rely on those senses and get away from the person or the situation that is making you uncomfortable. In this scenario it is better to be safe than sorry and protect you and your children. You should also stay alert around anybody that is in the company of your child because no one can protect them better than you can as their parent before can something negative happens.

Talk is not cheap

Give your child the avenue they need to come talk to you when someone has made them uncomfortable by establishing trust with what may be considered a shameful subject. Talking to your kids about their bodies and what is right and wrong can help them to protect themselves in a precarious moment of abuse.

Stranger danger

You should never let your kids go anywhere with anyone that you do not know or that you have trust issues with. Even if you feel like you know the person, try to have some checks and balances in place that can back up your confidence. Whether it be asking for references or setting up hidden cameras, you can never be too safe when it comes to watching out for your child’s well-being.

Stay sober

By keeping your mind abstinent, you can increase your chances of remaining safe when you are not drinking or using. This also applies to letting people abuse substances around your kids because the margin of error increases tremendously when mind-altering drugs are in the mix.

Sexual assault should be prevented at all costs because this abuse can really incite chaos that is extremely hard to heal from. Take the necessary precautions to keep your children and yourself safe from the vicious acts of sexual assault. Inform yourself with the awareness that you will need in the powerless predicament of sexual abuse because knowledge is power.

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