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Romance at the Rehab

Romance at the Rehab

What better place to find a love partner than in the safety net of a rehab for addiction, right? You know you’re at the rehab for a very important reason—to treat an addiction, and in doing so, to save your life. While attractions can naturally happen at the rehab, pursuing an intimate, love relationship is highly discouraged. Still, consenting adults may not understand what’s at stake, and break the rules. An attraction for a counselor can also occur.

When you feel romantic notions towards another at the rehab, there are a few things you can do to deter you from taking action. Talk to a friend you’ve made, and tell them what’s going on with you. They may have the capacity and care for you to reinforce the reasons why romance and sexual encounters are not a good idea. For one, they are a huge distraction. Keeping focussed on your treatment program needs to be your number one priority. Whatever your preference, why muck it all up spending time thinking about a man or a woman instead of your treasured recovery?

What if you enter into a fling with someone who’s married? You may have left your scruples in all the empty alcohol bottles, needles or straws, but things are different now. Along with putting down the substance of your choice, lasting recovery requires you to make changes in your behavior and attitude. That old adage, think before you act, has merit here.

Take your crush and think about the consequences if you act upon an inclination. Remember, it’s the first drink that get you drunk, and, romantic endeavors are a slip of judgment that can waylay your treatment. The person you have your eyes on could be someone who’s not committed to sobriety or drug abstinence. They could just be at the alcohol rehab to please their employer, spouse and or children. You don’t really know.

After you’ve spoken with a friend, follow up with your assigned therapist when next you meet. Doing so can help fortify the real reason you are at the rehab. Secret rendezvous, and really, secrets of any kind can work against you. Getting sober is not about cheating yourself out of the precious time you spend learning about addiction and yourself. It’s about honestly dealing with yourself and others. There will come a time in your future for falling in love. Wouldn’t it be better to have a solid sober foundation first? Of course it would.

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