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Resistance Vs. Persistence

Resistance Vs. Persistence

Jun 28, 2018 | 12 Step Meeting, Addiction

Once you have taken the huge step to stop drinking or using and get into recovery, there may very well be some resistance from you. Big changes lie ahead and the thought of connecting the dots in recovery can be overwhelming. Taking this vigorous leap one day at a time should be met with persistence rather the normal feeling of resistance. You may be asking yourself what will be in it for me? Well, glad you asked. Peace and recovery longevity are a couple of the best bonuses, but there are more that can certainly be appreciated if you persist versus resist.


If you are consistently trying to rebel against something that will be better for you, then you are just stirring up unnecessary emotions trying to fight something that will become inevitable – either get sober or face the consequences. Being persistent in your recovery will bring more serenity from just going with the flow of what you really need in your sobriety.


Long-term recovery comes from continuing down the path of going to any lengths to get sober. By questioning what you are doing within your program and not wanting to participate in something that is better for you physically, mentally, and spiritually, you are only breaking up the persistence that you will help ongoing.


One of the best ways to augment your recovery is to learn from your mistakes. Giving up as soon as something uncomfortable or something negative happens that is out of line of what your expectations are is resisting what is meant to happen. Once you start over from a setback in spite of difficulty and opposition, you will learn what perseverance is all about.


Instead of feeling less than with the opposition that you express, try to see what transpires before you rule out what you think will happen if you remain sober. Taking the next indicated step in your recovery program will allow compliance in doing the right thing which will result in assurance in yourself and your decisions moving forward.

There is nothing that says resistance takes more work than persistence or vice versa. The difference is in the exertion because resistance will wear someone out with the unwillingness that continues unto avoidance.  

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