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Ways Rehab Can Influence Sobriety

Dec 18, 2017 | Recovery, Sobriety

Going to a rehabilitation facility for drugs and alcohol is a big step for any addict that needs help. It does not mean that they have fully submitted to their sobriety, but it does mean they are acknowledging the fact that there is a problem, they know they cannot do it by themselves, and that they have a little bit of willingness to stop doing what they are doing.

In hopes of long-term recovery for their clients, rehabs have put together a plan of action to influence sobriety to those who want it. There are different combinations to how each rehab will run their programs. The fundamental solutions for a rehab usually comes in the aspects of detoxification, therapy, support, and coping skills. These elements can help an addict to become and stay sober.


Triggers and cravings


For sobriety to take, identifying what your triggers are can help you to stay away from situations, places, and people that can affect your sobriety. Cravings can come at any time for an addict. Not acting on them and managing them will take some practice to keep them from making you slip back into addictive behaviors.




Learning how to rely on others is hard from some people. Whether it is a control issue or having to do with pride, getting support from other trustworthy people in recovery can make a difference in the quality of your recovery. Make use of the staff, therapists, a sponsor, other addicts, and healthy relationships with friends and family to utilize a strong support system that can help you out when you are in need.




Establishing a prevention plan for relapse is important. Having something to guide you through a weak moment can get you through the other side rather than giving in to your addiction. Knowing what your options are will give you direction to know you can have a way out of a tough time.




Enlightenment on how to live healthier in sobriety can be conveyed during rehab. Typically, a full physical will be given during your intake to detect any health problems. This will give the treatment center an indication of what health issues that need to be taken care of during your stay. Having a consistent regimen will also regulate your sleep and diet patterns to put you on a healthier course in for your daily life.

Although it may seem scary to check into a rehab center, you are really starting a new way of living. Give everything you have to get the most out of what you are given.

If you need to check into a rehab, Serenity Oaks Wellness Center is here to help you along in your sobriety. Our qualified staff can show you how to get situated in rehab and help you achieve long-term sobriety. Call us today: 844-720-6847

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